We are new to town, and we are searching for the best dumpster rental service in this area. It is really important to me to find the very best one, with the best track record of treating their employees well and having minimal to zero injuries among their crew of highly trained employees. I am willing to pay more for a service that I really need if I know that the company is better to their employees than the rest of them are, and has a better track record of no employee injuries in their shop or on their property or in their delivery trucks. I know that working such a physical job for many people can be tough, and working around such giant machinery can be dangerous as well. So I want to know that whoever I hire for these big jobs that I have coming up is also going to treat their employees just like I treat mine. So we have been asking around for the dumpster rental service companies in our area, and have gone to check out a few of them. I want to see the area where things are stored and where they work on the equipment, and I want to know what their injury prevention track record is for the last hundred days or so, because that is the kind of information that I keep in my own shop for my own employees. We are starting to build up a base of associates around town that all provide complimentary services for each other in the same industry, and there area  few dumpster rental services in that group as well. Since we are all members of the better business bureau, I would hope that they are all as successful as we are at preventing injury and treating the customer well and with respect. dumpster_rental_serviceThat is important to me as well when I am picking a dumpster rental service to enter into a contract with, because I will be the customer in that situation and I need to know that I am going to be treated well by the owners of the dumpster rental service, in the same way that I strive to treat my own customers. We will be using the dumpster rental service quite often in the future, as we are in the business of hauling away all the trash and construction junk on our job sites, and that necessitates having a really large dumpster rental service that can provide as many dumpsters as we need, as well as replenishing them when they are too full to continue using. We are starting a test run with a few different companies to see how they all relate to us and how quickly they are to respond to our needs as their customers. Then after we get through that phase we will hopefully have found a rental service that we can use going forward for all of our jobs, someone that we can sign a contract with an work together more closely to get the job done.