engagement_ringI have never really been that traditional, and especially so when it comes to things like getting married and having a wedding. I just have never really wanted all those things that other girls seem to want. I’m not sure why I’m so different, but somehow I ended up that way. I do want to get married, and I do want to have a great big wedding party that is really fun for us and our families. But I don’t want the traditional engagement or the traditional engagement ring.  I want something that is much more me than a big diamond on a sparkly band. I want something that probably doesn’t even have a diamond on it at all. There are these incredible rings that an artist in my home town makes, they are square bands that are decorated with braiding or other designs around the edges of the ring, and there are semi precious stones around the top, all different combinations and designs, and some of them even have opals or other precious stones on them. But there are none with diamonds, because most likely they just don’t sit well in those types of settings. This is the type of engagement ring I want if I am going to ever get engaged and have a wedding and a marriage.  The practical part of it is that I don’t want to wear something that sticks up and gets caught on things, snagging sweaters or scraping skin. I just don’t do well with things like that, I end up not wearing them at all and just taking them off and forgetting about them. That would not work out so well with a wedding ring, that’s for sure. You don’t want to just take it off and forget about it. So that means that I need something that won’t get in the way and that will always be comfortable to wear and match everything. I already have one of those square rings, and they are great, and so just having another one would really work out well, because I’m already used to it. Its not like the jeweler wouldn’t make me something special, I’m sure that he would love to design me a wedding and an engagement ring if I asked for it. And that may be the best option really, have some one in my home town that I know design me a great ring, because then it would mean even more to me than otherwise. I don’t want a big wedding, so why have a big ring to go on after the wedding? It would make much more sense to just have a great party, and have a really lovely ring that I would love to wear forever and won’t get in the way. So, I know for sure I won’t be getting a traditional ring with a diamond on it, but I do still want an engagement ring, because thats what you do in order to get married. You have to have that proof.