With the invention of gps tracking devices, it has changed the way industry can conduct business. The gas and oil industry has greatly benefited from this system in many ways. With real results that enhance operating efficiency, this can be a financial boost for the industry, saving billions of dollars each year. Other benefits are increased worker safety and increased environmental protection. With Cartasite you get realtime results which means safer, more efficient field operations. Effective fleet management means being able to deliver realtime visibility into the operating condition and of all vehicles, workers and assets. Many times “on location” can mean that they are out of the coverage area. But if workers are equipped with satellite based emergency locators, they will never be out of the coverage area. Fleet management is imperative to the safety and visibility of driver behavior. Automatic feedback allows you to monitor what is going on immediately so that you can take care of any problems immediately.Time and money are the bottom line. This also increases worker safety. Worker safety is extremely important for obvious reasons. With realtime accessibility, you will be able to monitor everything as it happens and take care of any problems.

oilWhen it comes to gps tracking oil and gas, it will save you from huge fines and severe backlash from the local community. The gps system will assure that tanks are properly sealed. Any spills or leaks will be detected and can be taken care of. You will be alerted in realtime of open and closed tanks. Emmissions are detected immediately and you are alerted to the problem. You will be able to eliminate fines and help protect the environment. Being environmentally friendly is a very important aspect of your business and will help you gain a good reputation. If you have any gas leaks it means lost revenue to your company. With this tracking system you will be able to detect these problems and take care of it quickly. The local community will be much happier to have you there if you have a good reputation. Having a tracking system will help you maintain a safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere. Taking care of our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Being in the oil and gas industry where there can be potentially hazardous problems, it is especially important to be safe and extremely careful. Having a gps oil and gas tracking system can assure that you are doing your part.

Cartasite allows you to monitor all of your assets efficiently and in realtime. This can be the difference between staying in business and failing in the industry. No one wants fines because of environmental hazards. You also want to be able to monitor all of your vehicles and your drivers. If your drivers know that they are being monitored, they are move likely to comply with regulations and follow rules. This will be a huge savings for business owners and will help to keep good drivers. Field monitoring is very important in the gas and oil business.