carpaltunnelMy happiness is very dependent on my body being in proper working order in all ways. It would be quite a shame if I lost any of my senses or ability to move, so I take care to do things that will keep me in good shape. One thing that I especially look out for is the ability to use my hands. I need my hands for my work, which involves a lot of typing and manipulating of files at the office. So like pretty much everyone else in the world, my hands are my livelihood. Not only do I need them for work, I also really need them for leisure time and my own enjoyment. At home I really enjoy practicing the piano and playing videogames, so without properly functioning hands, I would lose a lot of enjoyment out of my life. I have to take extreme care to utilize proper form when I am typing or playing piano. Without proper posture, I run the risk of developing carpel tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common injury in the work place; it is caused by the compression of the anatomical structure known as the carpal tunnel. This tunnel houses the ligaments that run through your hands, as well as the nerves that innervate your hands. If you are experiencing severe numbness and pain in your hands and wrists when you do any typing or other activities with your hands, it is likely that you have carpal tunnel syndrome and you might require carpal tunnel surgery. After getting this kind of surgery, it will likely take a lot of therapy sessions to completely regain back full function of your hands, so it is wise to do everything you can to avoid this kind of malady.

Another bad hand malady that you can experience through overuse of your fingers and hands is one known as trigger finger. This is characterized by a locking of the finger joints into crooked positions, and it is very difficult and painful to unlock your finger from this. It seems similar to arthritis, but it is different. Arthritis is an inflammatory disorder whereas trigger finger is characterized by a thickening of the ligaments of your finger. This can usually be fixed with therapy, but in more severe cases you might require someone to perform trigger finger surgery to fix the problem. This is usually done under a local anesthetic and it will also require therapy afterwards to regain proper function. It’s a good thing that these procedures exist, especially considering how much people repetitively use their hands for work, especially typing. Without access to hand pain surgeons, we would probably just have to grit our teeth, bare the pain, and continue to work through it. It’s possible that one could take pain medications to get through the working day with such a malady occurring, but then you would run the risk of developing an addiction to those medications. Make sure to take good care of your hands!