When many people think of radon, they probably imagine it as a non issue. They think that radon is something you can just ignore, something to leave alone. The unfortunate reality, however, is that radon is not quite so simple. Indeed, radon is everywhere, but when it is trapped in your home it is not such an easy thing. Radon is a naturally occurring substance that is produced when radioactive materials break down. While this is not a problem when it is out in the atmosphere, it does become a problem when the radon is trapped inside a small area, like your basement. Radon is radioactive and is created from the decay of uranium in the soil underneath your house. So, when this decay happens, the radon will build up over time, leaving you with a lot of an odorless, colorless, and invisible gas that you might not even be aware of. It means that your family and friends are being put at risk every day due to the levels of radiation in your home. This is problematic.

radonBut why is it problematic? Indeed, radon might seem like something that people make a big fuss over but that is not that troublesome in the end. Radon exposure through inhalation and ingestion, however, can become a huge health threat if not taken care of properly. Immediate radon mitigation procedures are critical if you have any levels of radiation living in your home. Radon exposure is a particular concern when it is ingested or inhaled because of its links to higher levels of lung cancer. Indeed, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States after smoking. People who work in mines and are routinely exposed to radon are also at a great risk for lung cancer and other health risks associated with radon exposure. Increased risk of contracting leukemia have been inconsistent in the general population, but there has been quite a correlation between radon exposure and lymphocytic leukemia among mine workers.

At the domestic level, the greatest fears to be worried about are cancers, especially of the lung. By inhaling so much radon as well as ingesting it  by simply living in a contaminated space, your health becomes particularly put in danger. As someone who is living in a space where radon contamination is a high possibility, it is critical to call in the radon experts at SWAT Environmental Utah to help you figure out the best steps and methods to get rid of the radon in your home or place of work. There are a number of methods that have proved effective over the years, though the most consistently successful method has been the use of a fan to move the radon through pipes and pumps out from underneath a building and out into the atmosphere where it can be easily dispersed. With these considerations in mind, take the most appropriate steps possible and go ahead and call SWAT Environmental, Utah. They can really help you make a change in your life by helping you rid your home of dangerous and posionous levels of radon.