internet-marketingManaging a number of technology venders is a tough job. If your company is trying to focus on your business but also having to deal with problems associated with the management of technical vendors, you can find an easy solution by hiring a vendor management company. These companies can be particularly useful if you and the others in your company don’t have a vast technological background or experience. A number of big ventures including but not limited to moving offices can be a big project that requires a lot of organizing and finding out the most financially viable way to move everything and add on top of that all of the actual physical work. By hiring a vendor managing IT service company, many of the more complicated pieces of managing a project like this can be smoothed out and made easier. An IT service vendor management team will help your technical vending company find the best price available for phone system vendors, telecommunications service vendors, software developers, wiring installers, point-of-sale systems, data backup service providers and hosting service providers. With all of these factors taken care of, your technical vending company can focus on what you do best without having to deal with the extra-complicated bits that can slow you down. The vendor management team, Cognoscape can also help set up more advanced systems like VoIP services so once in the new office, the company can make and receive phone calls through their high-speed Internet connection. This process provides benefits such as Unified Messaging, which forwards all of your voice mails to your email inbox so you can access them from anywhere. This system can be set up just by tapping into your high-speed Internet connection and uses existing phones. If the company doesn’t already have phones, they can be rented from the managed computer service. Another benefit of this program is the Or Find Me, Follow Me, program which allows incoming phone calls to start ringing at the office, if no one is there to pick up, the call is automatically forwarded to a cell phone, and then to either a home number or hotel number so no matter where you are you will never miss an important phone call. This is particularly useful when traveling. A feature can also be installed that automatically records all phone calls or phone conferences. This can be used for both quality reassurance or if someone misses an important call they can have the recording sent to them so they don’t miss anything important when it comes to your business and future plans. The phone calls can be sent to any computer anywhere in the world as long as it is hooked up to the Internet.

All of these services provide a huge incentive to always call an IT service company whenever you take on a big project or move to grow your business. They can make the whole process much easier and help provide the best services and products available for your company.