gang-shirtsI’d have to say that the thing that brings me the most joy in life is being actively involved in my church. In particular, I am quite proud of my work in bringing together a youth group for the youths in our churches community. I could not help but notice that the young people at church always seemed very bored at our church functions, and I really couldn’t blame them. Young people tend to want to hang out with other young people, and they want the opportunity to have more freedom in how they act. Around older people, they feel pressured to be quiet and act respectful, but I know that kids need an outlet for their energy. So by running a youth group, I feel that I have really brought a great aspect to our church and I am helping the kids to remain connected to their faith. One really cool idea I had lately was to get our youth group some youth group t-shirts. I figure that if everyone has a t-shirt showing that they belong to this group, they will feel even more like they are a part of something big and that they are all a team. There is something about everyone wearing the same shirt that really brings people together. I guess that’s why people in sports all wear the same uniform.

I found this awesome website that has a wide variety of youth group themed t-shirts to choose from. This custom youth group t-shirt company has many radical designs that I think would really appeal to the age demographic of the kids that are in my group. These shirts look so cool, I fully believe that they would not be embarrassed at all to wear these shirts at school and in public. This will have the added benefit of showing other kids that there is a fun youth group in their area that they can join. Another interesting idea I had was to create custom youth group t-shirt prints for upcoming trips and events that I have planned for the group. I have organized a hiking expedition for the group, and I think it would be really cool to have a t-shirt designed that has some mountains on it, maybe a few cool looking crosses on it, as well as some text with the name of our group on it. I’ll probably also have some text on it that explains the event and what we are doing.

The great thing about this website I found that provides this service is that they provide the ability to create your own t-shirt designs. They have a design studio on their site that allows you to drag, drop, and position symbols, shapes, and text on the shirt so you can come up with your own unique shirts. I think this will really help us stand out from the other youth groups, and I’m certain that the kids will have a lot of fun coming up with designs that capture the essence of our group.