con-tablet-pc-friendlyPortable computer devices, like smartphones, iPhones, and tablets, are fairly complex, so do-it-yourself repairs are usually not an option.  Nevertheless, taking your tablet or other device to a major retailer or sending it to the manufacturer can be extraordinarily inconvenient, not to mention costly, considering the total value of the device, to begin with. So, it would seem you are in quite a predicament, if you do crack your screen or your device malfunctions, in any other way.  The one other option, which is also the best one, is to take your device to a company that specializes in repairing and restoring portable devices, rather than selling new ones.  Chances are, if the company focuses on iPad and tablet screen repair, as well as other common issues, they will be able to complete the task, quickly, for the least amount of money.  Plus, if you shop smartly and find a trustworthy company, you will be able to get your device back, right away, without having to wait days, for them to even get to your issue.

ZAGG’s response is so quick, for several reasons, but they all boil down to the fact that the company is dedicated to performing repairs.  For most of the other retailers, repairs are secondary to many other things, whereas with ZAGG, repairs are the top priority.  Their staff reflects this idea, as they have tech-savvy customer service personnel, as well as truly experienced, focused, and dedicated repair technicians.  Both ends of this dynamic team work together, to solve their customers’ problems quickly, while still being thorough enough to completely and effectively resolve the technical issue, for which they are seeking assistance.  Their business reflects your need to have a device that you can rely on, and, perhaps even more importantly, your need to get it back, as quickly as possible, so you can return to your normal life.  Not having a smartphone can make seemingly every aspect of your life more challenging.  For some, it may even be a business disadvantage.  Still, speed is not the only reason they are the best.  The quality of their parts and repair services are far greater than that of other third-party cell phone, iPhone, and tablet repair companies, and they are even guaranteed, by a ninety day warranty.

Whether it is a damaged screen or a malfunctioning speaker, or even something as minor as a broken button, it is usually pretty easy for good repair technicians to extract the damaged part and replace it with a brand new one.  Best of all, this usually restores the device to its original functionality.  That is to say, once repaired, there is no reason to think that the device should not last, for quite awhile.  Doing this is great, for you, since you get to save yourself the trouble of going to the store and your service provider, in order to buy and activate a brand new device, which may not even be any better than your old one, and it saves a ton of nonrenewable resources, which are necessary to make portable electronics.