Indoor-LED-lightingSo you are planning and event and trying to decide if it is worth the cost to add professional lighting to your venue. Let’s take a look at ten reasons why you should consider LED lighting.

  1. Atmosphere. Whether you are looking to create a cozy, inviting mood, or an energetic, jump out of your seat and dance mood, LED lighting rentals can be designed to help create that mood. Lights can be arranged in varying colors and intensities based on your preference to help create your
    perfect event.
  2. Cost Effective: Why buy when you can rent for a fraction of the cost? LED lighting and all other AV equipment rentals are usually the lated technology and are operated by professionals whose job it is to stay on top of the current trends. They will make any event look current, posh and professional in a way no amateur could do.
  3. No Maintenance: LED lights are typically much longer lasting than traditional light bulbs, but should one happen to break or burn out before or during your event, a rental technician is on hand to quickly fix the issue. You will not have to worry about running around during your event fixing lighting or decorations since you know all that will be looked after for you.
  4. Set up and break down are included. Most, if not all, rental companies will include the time and cost of setting up for your event ahead of time and also completing all of your breakdown after the evening is finished. You can focus on enjoying yourself instead of exhausting yourself with the work of setup.
  5. They bring it all to you. Along with including all of your set up and breakdown in the cost of the rental, they also will not be asking you to pickup or haul any equipment to your event.
  6. Variety of options: In addition to the endless possiblities of color options they can create for you, you can also choose if you would like to have still lighting or moving lights. Moving lights are especially handy if you have an event like a dance as you can create moment motion on the walls and ceiling during energetic songs. Another popular movement option is creating light flow that resembles water to communicate a soothing calm feeling.
  7. Professional and Elegant. When rental lights are added to an event, they will immediately create a more finished look to it. And if you are trying to create a more elegant look, LED lights add the perfect finish by smoothing away plain corners and dressing up harsh boring white walls.
  8. Eco Friendly: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They are the most energy efficiant light bulbs available. They use about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and they emit practically no heat while in use. They also last at least 25% longer than other light bulbs.
  9. Transformative: Any room of any shape, size or color can be made into something completely new with lighting rentals.
  10. Great for all Events: No matter what type of event you are planning and how big or small it is, there is a rental package available that will exactly suit your needs.