Music is one of the most universally beloved of all arts and that is because there is a little something for everyone. From classical to classic rock, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Sound Stage Direct is a leader in providing vinyl albums to people across the world. They provide some of the most popular artists as well as a wide range of genres for people to enjoy. No matter what kind of music you love listening to, you will find something for you in their record store. What are some of the genres that Sound Stage Direct provides?records


Blues has something that will tug on anyone’s heart strings. We have all had moments where we are feeling, well, blue and this music knows how to soothe even the most tender places in our hearts. Sound Stage Direct is committed to providing the most quality blues albums around to make sure that you will be able to cure that heart ache with the sound of your favorite record coming through your speakers. There is nothing that has more soul than blues.


While there are many who aren’t as acquainted with classical music, there is something tremendous about the way classical music overwhelms and calms your mind. With incredible complexities, it’s no wonder that classical music helps make children more intelligent. There is nothing more romantic, more classic, than playing classical music on a classic vinyl record. 


What can be more down home or true to life than country music? Classic country speaks to the many experiences that each of us have throughout our lives be it from heart break or to lovely your man so much you have to stand by him through thick and thin. Country music is a staple of our nation and should definitely be enjoyed on a vinyl record.


Electronic music takes music a step further by integrating the electronic and computer generated sounds to make beautiful music. While an acquired taste for some, those who can compose electronic music are very similar to our classical composers for producing complex and compelling works of art.


What more need to be said about holiday music? Everyone loves to enjoy the appropriate tunes during everyone’s favorite time of year and there is no better way to listen to holiday music than on a record player. Check out some of your favorite including Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.


Jazz, oh jazz, so many people love to listen to jazz and there is nothing as nostalgic or special than listening to jazz on a record player. Jazz tells a story that each individual listener gets to decipher. With an off beat and a melody line that dances all over the place, jazz can be whatever you want it to be. Melt your heart and listen to some of the classic and modern jazz musicians that Sound Stage Direct offers.

No matter what genre of music you love to listen to, Sound Stage Direct has the vinyl records that you want  and what you love.