African American Hairstyles

Fashion trends keep changing and one of the biggest rages this season is the arrival of African American hairstyles. With various pop icons and Hollywood celebrities with an ethnic African background, these hairdos have certainly taken the front seat. Afro-American hairdos have gained immense popularity among teenagers and youngsters. They might be a bit confusing for those who are new to this sassy hairstyling concept but look gorgeous when worn. Most of these splendid hairdos look similar but are different when it comes to the techniques used in designing these hairstyles.

Different types of African American Hairstyles:

Afro Hair: This unique hairstyle gained unprecedented popularity in the 1960s – 70s. To create this hairdo, the hair is styled in such a manner that it appears to be jutting out of the scalp. This style is created all over the head and the shape can vary depending upon the individual’s preference and style. This particular hairstyle can be made with both natural African hair as well as tight curly hair.

Afro Puffs: This style is similar to the Afro style and can be created with various types of hair with the help of an elastic holder. To create this style, the hair is made to puff out of the holder and brings out the natural beauty of the tresses. This hairdo looks splendid on kids and imparts a neat and trendy look.

Bantu/ Zulu Knots: To create this beautiful style the hair is parted in several sections and is them twisted into tight, firm knots. The size of the sections depends upon your choice and length of hair. The sections can also be designed in round, square, rounded as well as triangular shapes. The hair in a particular section is wound into a coil and the end is secured with an invisible rubber band.

Braids: This is one of the most popular African-American hairstyle and looks good on almost everyone. Braids require taking several strands of hair and braiding them into rope-like formations. You can start with three stranded braids that are considered to be the simplest and move on to five stranded braids, six stranded braids, twelve stranded braids and so on. The higher the number of strands, the more difficult is the braid to do. They require a certain level of expertise and look very chic. They can be made close to the scalp or allowed to hang freely.