Alicia Silverstone Hairstyle

Do you still remember the two teenage girls in Aerosmith’s Crazy, Crying and Amazing videos? Thousands of boys had a crush on them when the songs hit the international charts in the early 1990s. The two heartthrobs were none other than Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and the sensational Alicia Silverstone. Alicia Silverstone Hairstyle

Alicia Silverstone is the youngest among her three siblings. Her Scottish mother Deirdre was a flight attendant and father Monty Silverstone is a real estate investor.

Silverstone began modeling at the tender age of six. She subsequently acted in television commercials like Domino Pizza. She emerged into the limelight of the movie world when her first movie Crush became successful in 1993. Silverstone’s teenage look was her remarkable asset that mesmerizes the youth all across the globe. Alicia Silverstone hairstyles, which are varied throughout the year, made her look more attractive. The uniqueness of her hair is that it appears blonde for sometime and fiery red brunette at another point of time. She buys best hot rollers.

One unique thing about Alicia Silverstone’s hairstyles is that they don’t depend on colors. Irrespective of its original color her hairs is always stylish either in simple half-up styles or tight curls. Her blunt cut edges are quite an all time impressive style. In fact, whatever hairstyle is worn by Silverstone shows simplicity but extends a wonderful look to her face.

The Crazy video star looks super sassy in medium layer cut. This style gives her lots of volume and height that makes her look sexy. Anybody would want to have hair like Silverstone’s that is angled and layered to create subtle waves. Silverstone often keeps her hair to medium length with one side sweeping gently over the back and other side left falling on her shoulders. This type of hairstyle gives her a very playful look. Let’s observe some of her hairstyles quite popularly worn during award ceremonies.

Bulky Elimination

She cuts her hair in long soft layers that eliminates bulkiness at end portions. This particular style creates a perfect body and superb movement. This style is suitable with any facial shape. But it would look great if you have an elongated face.

Curly Crop

With her bold, rich color and soft curls, this style suits Silverstone the most. In this particular style, she makes her hair angled with slight softening layers adding throughout the ends to beautifully enhance the curl.

Business Style

She sometimes uses angled layers and slightly chipped ends to add body and bounce. This style gives Silverstone the look of a working woman. But many of her fans term this hairstyle sophisticated and serious.


Funky Hairdo

Silverstone’s hair is naturally fine. When she slightly wears the chipped ends, it adds body and bounce to her natural hair. She looks fresh and ready to walk down the city road with this funky hairdo. This style is what people go mad about in her Crazy video.

Sexy Layers

At Movies Rock Event 2007, Silverstone wore a totally different hairstyle. Layers were cut from a medium length and tapped down to her longer layers. The sexy layers were used to enhance the waves. It was considered to be one of her sexiest ever hairstyles so far.

One of the most dynamic features of Alicia Silverstone’s hairstyles is that they never go out of fashion. This gorgeous damsel has been the trendsetter for a number of hair-dos and is known for her elegance and chic. Her svelte styling techniques combined with her features enhances her overall personality making her appear chic, charming, flirtatious and sophisticated.