Alyssa Milano Hairstyle: Glamour to the fullest

Alyssa Jayne Milano started her acting career since her childhood. Alyssa’s parents were dedicated professionals in their respective fields. Her mother, Lin was a fashion designer and father, Thomas was a popular music editor.

Remember the child artiste who played Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter in the popular action flick Commando (1985)? That young girl with bouncy, curly hair was none other than Alyssa. Long before her big screen career Alyssa had the ambition of becoming an actor. At the age of 8, she took part in various musical plays and in 1984 she made her television debut with her popular role of Tony Danza’s daughter in Who’s the Boss? Alyssa’s spell of child star ended when she proved that with various hit movies she could make it as a top-notch actress. She rose to instant fame with Poison Ivy II (1996). Her fans recognized her not only for her looks but also her other dazzling features like her seductive smile and all-time sexy hairstyles. But many people found Alyssa more attractive in her short-cut pixie hair-dos. Alyssa Milano’s hairstyles are known to be some of the most exclusive trendsetters in Hollywood that seem to create a stir all the time. Most fashion conscious ladies imitate Alyssa’s hairstyles in order to look chic and svelte. Her hair-dos are not only popular among high-class social circuits but are also quite a rage among teenagers and youngsters.

If you happen to have caught a glimpse of Alyssa at the premiere of The Break Up in Los Angeles, her trendy, curly style was quite a beauty. She trimmed her short shaped layers which were cut around the top and sides. It was a simple but sexy style that can be maintained easily with regular trims. Let’s recollect some of Alyssa Milano’s hairstyles that the diva has sported during various red carpet events.

The Сlassic Look

At the General Motors Annual Ten Event, nobody could resist noticing Alyssa’s classic look. She looked sophisticated and sexy in her soft and subtle hair-do that went a long way in enhancing her features. Her hair was teased on top and pinned back to create a smooth look. The whole hair was styled in thick spiral curls. Her fans always prefer her curly styles. Alyssa’s look is more powerful in curly hair waves than in straight hair. Her make-up to, complemented her hairstyle, making her look elegant and gorgeous at the same time.

Cool and Full

Her hairstyle at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2005 was simply great with her cool and full up-style. She pinned up both sides and back. Her top was teased and placed around the front. This type of hairstyle is suitable for all outdoor weather conditions. Charming and sexy Alyssa showed a simple cut hairstyle at the PSP North American Launch Party Fashion Show. Her top and sides were pinned into a soft bun. But the soft angled bangs were left loose to add shape and definition around her face.

Soft and Sweet Look

Short cutting style is all time suitable with Alyssa. She created toothed layers throughout her hair. Such jagged layers produced a full and funky style. But the soft dark brown tone of this style suits fabulously with sexy Alyssa. This style considered to be one of her soft and sweet look haircuts. Alyssa’s unique style of cutting the graduated layers and with her bangs parted is said to be a creative cut by her fans.

Pixie Look

By trimming the whole hair with lots of wispy short layers to accentuate her facial curves, Alyssa looks like a pixie. Most of her fans are crazy about this cut. It suits with her sticking features. This hairstyle is a super option for people having an oval face. Check out your facial cut and maybe you can sport this trendy hairdo like Alyssa.

Alyssa Milano’s hairstyles: A trendsetter

Most hairstyles adorned by Alyssa have in some way become trendsetters among women of all age groups. The most dynamic feature of her hairstyles is that she wears some of most incredible styles that blend well with her facial cut and personality. This charming actress sure has it in her to leave her fans awed.