Amy Lysle Smart Hairstyles: The damsel and her tresses

Amy Lysle Smart turned up in the popular limelight when she was ranked 27th in Stuff magazine’s list of ‘100 Sexiest Women.’ And notably, she was nominated for ‘best kiss’ scene at the MTV Movie Awards for her role in Starsky & Hutch. Amy Lysle Smart Hairstyles are one of her sexiness assets. Who can ever forget Amy’s sexy hairstyle sported at the premiere of the movie Just Friends? The style was remarkably seductive and contributed much to her fame and charm.

Amy is mostly known to wear an ultra smooth straight hairstyle in most of her movies. Her hair is a perfectly dark rich brunette. But in some particular movies, Amy was found sporting blonde hair having a lovely jagged layered style. The perfect combination of creatively set hairstyles and her make-up seem to accentuate her features making her look chic and graceful.

Amy is known for her perfect makeup that blends well with any hairstyle she chooses to sport. She usually wears blue eyeliner and applies a smoky plum shade to highlight her lips. Most of Amy’s fans feel that she looks better in blonde hairstyles rather than her natural brunette shade. This is because her milky skin gives too much contrast to her brunette tresses making her look stark.

Another aspect of Amy Lysle Smart Hairstyles is that she does not require any additional accessories such as necklaces and earrings to accentuate her features. Her trendy hair-dos do the trick. Going further, let’s have a look at some of Amy’s most popular hairstyles that have created a sizzle in Hollywood.

Amy Lysle Smart Hairstyles: The perfect accessory for her personality

Golden Locks

At the Genesis Awards function, the actress made an impression with her hairstyle trimmed in rich and golden locks. She cut her length below shoulder level. The blunt layers were also trimmed into her ends in order to give a textured finish. Even the soft bangs she added were helpful to create softness around her face. This hairstyle is great for al occasions and is easy to maintain.

Casual Smooth

Amy is highly conscious of how her hair looks when styled in a casual manner. At the Lint Roller Party, she wore a casually smooth hairstyle that made her look simple but attractive. She simply left her length at shoulder level. And the hair ends were slightly layered in an attempt to add movement and volume. This type of hairstyle is great for outdoor occasions and can be worn formally as well as casually.

Seductive Style

When Amy attended the premiere of the movie Just Friends everyone she simply gathered much attention owing to her gorgeously style tresses. She wore a seductive hairstyle with her long shaped layers cut throughout to add body and shape around her face. This sort of style is easy to maintain with a regular trim and can be sported with all hair types. It tends to enhance the features and adds gloss to the personality.

Wavy Look

This is one of the most popular styles adorned by the actress. It is characterized by a sheer wavy look created by trimming the hair and curling the ends with the help of rollers. The locks are made to fall freely below shoulder level. It was at the1st Genesis Awards by the Humane Society of the United States where Amy wore her chocolaty colored hair in soft wispy curls to create a stunning look as she magnificently glided down the red carpet.

Amy Lysle Smart

Hairstyles are popular among the masses. They are trendy as well as easy to maintain and can be sported by women with all heir textures. The right hair color and make-up are important factors that add to your personality and charm. It is best to consult your stylist if you are looking to get perfectly styled hair like Amy.