Braid Hair Styles

The ancient technique of braiding seems to have been invented in ancient Africa and still remains a popular hair styling technique. There are various types of braid hairstyles ranging from three stranded braids to twelve stranded braids and so on. Braids tend to look good on almost everyone and with regular practice you can learn how to do them in about ten to fifteen minutes.

The more the number of strands the more difficult is the braid to do. However, you can sport different types of braids on different occasions and steal the show. People with medium to long tresses look great in braids. To make a braid you need a certain level of expertise which comes with regular practice. Braids are also known as pleats and are great for all weather conditions.

Types of Braid Hairstyles:

There are various types of braids such as band braids, simple three stranded braids, French plaits, rick-rack braids, mini braids, rope braids, and basket braids etc.

Band braids are specific braids that can be created by styling a ponytail. They look great on women with long hair that is uniformly cut. The things you will need to make this braid include shampoo, brush, covered band, wax and pins.

Rick-rack braids are specific braids that are formed in a curved design. These braids are done with the help of a Rick-rack ribbon, which has a zigzag shape from which they derive their name. This vintage ribbon is available in a variety of colors and textures. The Rickrack ribbon can be found in various widths and in a wide range of types. Not only do you have the general flat finish Rick-rack, but also metallic and embroidered Rick-racks. Rick-rack is popular because it is flexible and can be washed.

Mini braids are a particular type of braids that were started by the people of African descent. As their name suggests, these braids are tiny three stranded braids. A major difference between mini braids and regular three stranded braids is that mini braids are done on very thin strands of hair, which is what makes them ‘mini’. You can also hot rollers for long hair.

Rope braid is a popular braid that is so called because a completely finished rope braid just looks like a rope! You may think that it may be very tough to do, but it is really easy once you get the hang of it. There are two types of rope braids – the basic one and the French one.