Coloring techniques for Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde is the most preferred of all hair colors and can add to your good looks. There are hundreds of blonde hair shades from creamy light golden locks to rich hazel colored tresses with funky highlights. For most blonde hairstyles the focus should be on selecting the right shade as it tends to make a world of difference to the way you look and feel.

If you have naturally blonde hair, you should examine your hair color closely to see if you would like to lighten it or highlight it.

You need to be extremely careful while selecting a shade for blonde hairstyles, specifically if you have dark hair and are looking to color it. You need to make sure that the shade complements your skin tone rather than making it stand out.

If one has a very pale skin tone it would look even more washed against a bright blonde. On the other hand, darker skin is best complimented by warmer hair colors.

One can use highlights if they want to create depth and texture in the hair.

Tips for blonde hairstyles

Natural blonde hair tends to become dark over time.

  • blonde hair color requires a lot of care to keep it from looking dull and brassy;
  • blonde hair shades range from light platinum to dark golden blonde;
  • make sure that the style complements your facial shape to avoid unbalanced emphasis on facial features;
  • you should be comfortable in managing the style on daily basis and take care of your hair by getting regular trims and using good hair products to make your hair look its best.

Shades for blonde hairstyles

  • platinum blonde – pale blond, nearly white;
  • ash blonde – usually quite fair, with some grey tones;
  • sunny blonde – very bright, ranging from almost yellow to light yellow;
  • sandy blonde – similar to sand in color;
  • golden blonde – lighter, with a gold cast;
  • strawberry blonde – reddish blonde;
  • bleached blonde – artificially dyed blonde hair;
  • zebra blonde – streaked blonde and brunette;
  • dirty blonde – dark blonde;
  • brownish blonde – darkest shade of blond which sometimes looks light brown and ats other times dark blonde.