Draped Chignon

Choosing the right hairstyle is a tedious task because a hairstyle is something that one notices as soon as someone sees you. A good hairstyle makes a good impression and helps a lot in bringing out one’s personality. But if one’s hairstyle doesn’t look good it makes a bad impression on other people. In order to get the right look, it is important for you to select a hairstyle based on your facial cut. Your hairdo must be such that it complements your features as well as your overall personality.

Prior to styling your hair, you must consult a hairstyling expert in order to determine which hairdo would look best on you. If you are planning to wear an elegant hairdo for a special occasion and don’t have the time to visit a salon, you can dress up your tresses at home. One of the best hairstyles for an evening out is the draped chignon.

Chignons are popular hairdos for most women across the globe. They always look trendy and very slick. You can make a great chignon with the help of a covered band, comb and a few pins to secure the hair in place.

Steps for creating the Draped Chignon

  1. Comb your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots.
  2. Part the hair from the centre to the middle of the crown.
  3. Comb the hair from the sides and pull it into a ponytail with the help of a covered band.
  4. Braid the ponytail loosely in a simple manner. The right section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original right section becomes the middle section and then the left section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original left section becomes the middle section.
  5. Continue till the end and secure it with a small band.
  6. Then tuck the end around the loop and secure it with a firm grip.
  7. Lift the hair on the other side and comb it in a curve and secure it in the ponytail.
  8. Sweep the hair over and below the loop and secure it with a firm grip.

The time taken for creating this style is 5 to10 minutes. The difficulty level given to this is easy. This hairstyle is great for straight hair.