Drew Barrymore Hairstyles: Attractive Curly

Remember the cute kid in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. (TheExtra Terrestrial)? She was none other than Drew Barrymore, the youngest member of the Barrymore family of American actors. She has her own production company Flower Films. Barrymore made her screen debut in Altered States (1980); her breakout role two years later was in E.T. Following her childhood success, she became one of Hollywood’s most recognized child artistes. This chic actress is admired for her on-screen as well as off-screen presence. Drew Barrymore Hairstyles have always been an enigma, just like her acting skills and are imitated by a number of girls in the US.

Drew Barrymore is the daughter of American actor John Drew Barrymore and Ildiko Jaid Barrymore. Her parents divorced after she was born. In fact, Barrymore was born into the acting profession, coming from a long line of acting talents dating back to nearly 200 years. Her great-great-grandparents John Drew, Louisa Lane Drew, her great-grandparents Maurice Barrymore, Georgiana Drew, Maurice Costello and Mae Costello and her grandparents John Barrymore and Dolores Costello were all highly successful actors. John Barrymore was arguably the most acclaimed actor of his generation.

At the age of 11 months, Barrymore began her acting career. After her sudden success and instant rise to stardom, Barrymore endured a notoriously troubled childhood. She was a little girl, smoking cigarettes at age nine, drinking alcohol by the time she was eleven, smoking marijuana at twelve, and snorting cocaine at thirteen. She was in rehab at 13 and a second time at 14. All these experiences are described in her 1990 autobiography Little Girl Lost.

She emerged with her new-found role as a sex symbol playing an evil teenage seductress in Poison Ivy (1992). That same year she posed nude for the cover of Interview magazine with Jamie Walters. Did she model in several commercials including the jeans Guess? Her attractive baby face and sexy hair are her timeless assets. Drew Barrymore Hairstyles are known to be sultry, seductive and ravishing. See what she looks like in her different seductive hairstyles.

Popular Drew Barrymore Hairstyles

Curly Sexy

Barrymore always looks great in a curly style which what she wears most of the time at red carpet events. For this style, her entire length is trimmed to the shoulders. And the shapely layers are defined throughout the style to create round shaped curls. This style works well with naturally curly hair. Otherwise, a little effort is needed with help of a curling iron. This is a great style for all occasions.

Sassy Style

At The Late Show with David Letterman, her sassy style created a stunning look. In this style, her shoulder-length boasted of plenty of soft waves to give lots of body and a soft shape to the glamorous style. For those having an oval face shape, this style will work great.

Jagged Layers

At the premier of We Are Marshall Barrymore styled her hair into a casual do. She simply jagged the layers and it was cut around the side and back sections. It created her hairstyle with enhancement of beautiful waves. With regular trims, this style can be maintained perfectly.

Sexy Up-style

In the sexy up-style Barrymore pulls up her hair high and wraps around the head to meet at a high point above her crown. This style was witnessed at the Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Collection post-show party. This hairstyle is a great option for fine and medium hair types.

Choco Tresses

Barrymore is always found looking fabulous with her chocolate tresses. She wore this style at the premiere of Curious George. She trimmed her length leaving free below the shoulder level. With that, she cut the side sections which had jagged layers to create a messy and sexy shape.

Gorgeous Waves

Waves are considered to be one of the most sought-after Drew Barrymore Hairstyles. For creating waves, she trims her length that has been kept long and styled to sit below her shoulder level. And the longer layers are cut into the ends to create fullness and extra definition to the natural wave and bounce of the hair.