Hair Straightening Tips and Methods

Straight hair is the latest trend in fashion for hair. There are so many people that do not have naturally straight hair and are willing to do just about anything to achieve this hairstyle trend. Before one chooses any hair straightening method, it is important for one to learn more about it in terms of how it works and how much it will cost you.

Hair Straightening Tips

One must use a mild shampoo and a good conditioner to keep the hair healthy after straightening the hair. After the hair straightening treatment one should use good detangling products and a wide tooth comb.

If one is using a straightening iron to straighten the hair then one should use it with care as it can damage the hair.

While using a blow dry after straightening the hair make sure that one uses a dryer with a strong air flow and is not very hot. One should also go for regular hair treatments to avoid the hair from becoming dry and frazzled.

Types of Hair Straightening Methods

Chemical hair relaxing: This is a method to straighten the hair using chemicals. The type and strength of the chemicals used to straighten the hair depends on the condition of the hair The chemical hair straightening process is as follows:

  1. A protective treatment cream is applied to the scalp and hair and this cream is usually a petroleum based cream.
  2. Then a hair relaxing formula is applied to straighten the hair texture and remove any curls.
  3. After some time the chemicals used during the treatment are washed out of the hair with shampoo.
  4. A neutralizing treatment is applied to the hair to restore the hair and its pH balance to bring the effects of the relaxant down.
  5. A conditioner is applied to the hair after which the hair is dried and styled; resulting in straight hair.

Temporary hair straightening: Hair straighteners are a great way for straightening the hair on a temporary basis. The humid weather makes the hair very frizzy and hence the best time to use hair straighteners. Make sure that one should invest in a good quality conditioner to make sure that ones hair remains as shiny as it is straight. Hair straighteners work best for people with naturally straight hair who simply want to make their style even straighter.

Hair straightening is the best way to make the hair look neat and tidy as well as shiny and silky. These days straightening the hair is the best option to choose from if one wants to change their look permanently or temporarily. Hair straightening is a hair styling method that looks good on all and suits every occasion.