Heidi Braids

Hair is the crowning glory of a woman and is a vital beauty asset. It can be styled in a number of ways to enhance your features and overall personality. The art of dressing up the tresses has been of great importance ever since ancient times. Today, there are thousands of hairstyles you can pick and choose from depending upon the occasion, your lifestyle and facial cut. One of the oldest and most sought-after styles is braiding that seems to have originated in ancient Africa. In many parts of the globe, it is still considered to be a trendy hairstyle and requires a great deal of expertise.

Braids look great on almost everyone. The easiest form of braiding is the three stranded braid. But you can also opt for four stranded braids, five stranded braids, twelve stranded braids and so on depending upon your expertise. The higher the number of strands, the more difficult is the braid to do. Heidi braids are a popular style of braiding that looks elegant and stunning. It comprises of a simple three stranded braid that is pinned up and decorated with jewels, precious stones and loads of other accessories. It is a great hairstyle for all formal occasions.

It usually takes fifteen minutes to make Heidi braids, but with regular practice, you can make this hairstyle in lesser time. The difficulty level given to this type f braids is easy. You can team them up with flower slides, hair bands and wreaths.

Steps for making Heidi Braids

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly to get rid of all the knots and tangles.
  2. Form a center part and secure in two ponytails on either side behind each ear.
  3. Divide each ponytail into three equal strands and start working the three stranded braid. The right section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original right section becomes the middle section and then the left section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original left section becomes the middle section and so on.
  4. Secure the ends of your hair in a round slide on each side.
  5. You can also add affine hairband for a dressed up look.