Woman long hair styles pictures

Long hair is considered to be the zenith of beauty. Most long haircuts are made keeping in mind your facial structure, height, length of hair and hair type. Most women need to style their hair in order to look savvy and sassy. Long haircuts tend to set you apart from the rest of the crowd and never fail to enhance your overall appearance. Woman Long hairstyles Pictures are available on various haircare sites, fashion magazines, beauty journals, CDs, hairstyle catalogs etc. The most important feature of long haircuts is that they never tend to be out of style and can be carried off with most outfits on all occasions. It is also easier to style a long mane in a number of ways.

Woman Long hairstyles and Pictures

The classic U-shape cut

This is one of the trendiest and easiest cuts to make to long hair. The tresses are gathered at the back and trimmed into a classic ‘U’ shape. This style is ideal for adding volume and bounce to long straight hair. It can also be tried by those who have curly hair. This type of cut can later be styled into a banana ponytail using a banana clip and can also be set on rollers to get sexy, teasing waves. You can also simply blow dry the back portion to get a breezy look.

Flicks for long hair

This cut does well with angular faces and oval faces. It might make round faces appear too small. The tresses are gathered at the back and trimmed. The hair is divided into a middle parting or side parting depending upon the shape of your face. They are then gathered from the front into 1-inch strands on each side and chopped off. You can have flicks that are chin length long or shorter. These can be left open to tease and twirl as you style your back tresses into buns, ponytails, knots or simple leave them open. For a more dramatic effect you can also color, crimp, roll or pin up your flicks. This type of haircut is meant for all hair types and immediately enhances your features.

Ravishing Long Haircut

This type of haircut is designed all through the length to get ravishing and sexy flips all around the shoulders. The hair is styles with the help of small curlers and rollers towards the lower portion to get bouncy curls. The side parting in the front brings the heavier hair in one stride over the side of the face at an angle to meet the ends. The use lf a large toothed comb or brush works well with this hairdo. This type of hairstyle is great for evening outs, dinners, cocktails and corporate lunches. It looks great on fine and thin textured hair. It creates an illusion of volume and bounce.

Long Blunt cut Hair

This type of hairstyle looks great with long straight hair. It makes you appear sleek and chic. This requires the hair to be trimmed into a fine blunt cut with angles on the sides. The top portion is also cut bluntly and smoothly below the eyebrows. This type of hairdo looks great on darker shades such as mahogany, chestnut brown, black etc. Apply a good styling lotion and use a flat brush to style it regularly. Blow dry into the smooth style and fix a hair cream to fix the ends. This hairdo is a good option for all occasions.

Semi Layered hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the most sought-after cuts in contemporary times. It requires the weaving of strands of hair of various lengths in a semi-layered fashion. There is a slight wave towards one side of the face revealing the earlobe. The heavier side covers part of the face and is tucked under the rest of the hair. A smooth effect can be achieved wit the help of a curling iron. This hairdo is great fun, if you are the type who loves experimenting with new shades and contrasts. It is great for all occasions and weather conditions.

Long Pageboy Haircut

This long classic page boy style is a gorgeous hairdo that requires deep layering and subtle texturing towards the ends. The style is created with the help of large rollers set for medium amounts of lifts to create wispy waves throughout the long hair. Once dry, the curls are brushed smooth with a natural bristle brush and smoothed by applying an anti-frizz lotion. This hairdo looks best when colored in soft golden waves with light highlights to accentuate the waves.


With these popular Woman Long hairstyles and Pictures, you can style your hair in a fashionable manner to achieve the desired look.